A community where you take control of your destiny, manifest your desires, and create a life filled with abundance and purpose? Look no further than the House of Manifestation, where your transformation begins.

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With the house of manifestation


Embark on a transformative journey within the House of Manifestation—an online global platform empowering you to seize control of your destiny, manifest your desires, and cultivate a life rich in abundance and purpose.

Join our vibrant community, where the possibilities of personal growth and manifestation are limitless.

Your journey to a purposeful and abundant life starts here.

What Is

House of manifestation

House Of Manifestation is more than just a community: It’s a vibrant and supportive global virtual ecosystem designed to empower you to become the architect of your reality, rooted in the principles of manifestation, personal growth, and positivity, our community provides you with the tools, knowledge, and connections needed to turn your dreams into tangible results. 


House of Manifestation stands firmly upon six foundational pillars

Each representing an essential aspect of your life that, when nurtured and aligned, can lead to profound personal transformation and fulfillment. These pillars are the guiding principles that empower you to manifest your dreams and create a life of abundance and purpose. 















Your well-being is paramount. The Health pillar focuses on the holistic approach to physical and mental wellness. It encompasses practices that promote good nutrition, regular exercise, mental clarity, and emotional balance. When prioritizing your health, you create a strong foundation for manifesting your desires.



This pillar is dedicated to your financial prosperity and career aspirations. Whether you’re an entrepreneur seeking to grow your business or an individual aiming for financial abundance, the Money/Business pillar provides strategies and insights to enhance your financial acumen and achieve your financial goals.



 Self-expression and confidence play a significant role in manifesting your desires. The Fashion/Beauty pillar explores how your outward appearance and personal style can boost your self-esteem and create positive impressions. When you look and feel your best, you radiate confidence, attracting opportunities and experiences that align with your aspirations.



True manifestation begins within. The Your Self pillar emphasizes self-discovery, self-love, and self-acceptance. It encourages you to explore your beliefs, values, and mindset to uncover and overcome limiting beliefs blocking your path to success. Cultivating a strong sense of self empowers you to manifest your dreams authentically.



Nurturing your spiritual connection is essential for manifesting a life of purpose and meaning. The Spirituality pillar delves into various spiritual practices, mindfulness, meditation, and the exploration of higher consciousness. By deepening your spiritual connection, you gain clarity, inner peace, and a sense of guidance on your manifesting journey.



Your relationships with others are integral to your overall well-being and manifestation process. The Relationships pillar explores the dynamics of interpersonal connections, offering guidance on building healthy, supportive relationships with family, friends, and romantic partners. Strong and positive relationships can provide invaluable support on your path to manifestation success.

Each of these pillars is vital

Each of these pillars is vital in shaping your life’s trajectory. They are interconnected, working together to create a harmonious and abundant existence. House of Manifestation provides you with the knowledge, resources, and community support you need to strengthen these pillars and manifest the life you truly desire. By nurturing these foundational aspects of your life, you can unlock your full potential and experience lasting fulfillment and success.

Who is this for...

Individuals who


Seek Personal Growth:

Whether you want to improve your relationships, career, health, or overall well-being, our community is a hub for those committed to self-improvement.


Want to Manifest Their Desires:

If you believe in the power of intention and the law of attraction, this community is your playground for mastering manifestation techniques and harnessing the energy of the universe.


Value Supportive Connections:

Connect with diverse individuals who share your journey and offer encouragement, wisdom, and inspiration.


Desire Abundance & Fulfillment:

If you’re tired of settling for less and yearning for a life filled with purpose, abundance, and joy, this community is your path to fulfillment.


Should you sign up

Empowerment through Knowledge:

Unlock the pathway to empowerment through the wealth of knowledge courses waiting for you in our online platform. Dive into a treasure trove overflowing with transformative resources – from insightful articles and enriching workshops to expert advice and guided meditations. It’s your ultimate platform for mastering the art of manifestation and awakening your fullest potential. Explore our online platform to discover the keys to unlock your dreams and shape your destiny.

Community Support

Embark on a transformative journey within our vibrant online community. Immerse yourself in a supportive space where kindred spirits celebrate your victories, understand your trials, and provide valuable guidance. This digital haven is where we collectively magnify the power of manifestation. Join hands with fellow seekers on our online platform, where the energy of unity propels each of us toward our goals. 

Safe and Positive Environment:

Express yourself freely in a space where respect, kindness, and inclusivity are paramount. Share your experiences and insights without fear of judgment or discrimination.

Transformational Journey:

Take the first step toward transforming your life. House of Manifestation is dedicated to helping you unleash your potential and cultivate a mindset of abundance and gratitude.

Manifestation Events and Challenges:

Embark on an exciting journey of personal evolution through our online platform’s Manifestation Events and Challenges. Immerse yourself in community-driven activities, dynamic workshops, and engaging events designed to elevate your manifestation skills and foster profound personal growth. Our online platform is the vibrant hub where these transformative experiences unfold, empowering you to reach new heights on your manifestation journey. 

Take a peek...

What's in the membership

House of Manifestation is your exclusive gateway to a transformative and empowering journey toward manifesting your dreams and desires. When you join our vibrant commUNITY, you gain access to a wide range of resources and support to help you unlock your full potential and manifest the life you’ve always envisioned.

HOM Book Club:

The House of Manifestation Book Club is your virtual intellectual oasis, guided by the insightful Shannon Beardsmore, your HOM Facilitator and Manifestation Mentor. Join our weekly exploration of transformative literature, from “Power of Awareness” to “A Return to Love” and “Becoming ‘THE ONE'”. This sacred space is where extraordinary books become portals to self-discovery and empowerment. Imagine a community where minds unite to discuss the nuances of manifestation through literature, gaining knowledge and connecting with kindred spirits on parallel manifesting journeys. It’s more than a reading group; it’s a dynamic forum for shared insights and the collective magic of a community coming together.

Weekly Live Training:

Join us weekly for live training sessions where seasoned guest experts explore the House of Manifestation Pillars. These interactive online sessions offer practical insights, techniques, and tools to supercharge your manifesting abilities. Our esteemed Guest Influencers, Kathleen Cameron, Eric Bigger, and Ceilidh Costello, bring unique perspectives to manifestation, enriching our CommUNITY with their expertise and passion. Within House of Manifestation, our experts are not just influencers but catalysts for growth, adding vibrant dimensions to your manifesting journey.

Complimentary Self-Mastery Workshops and More:

Unlock a world of knowledge with Kathleen’s extensive self-masterclass, available exclusively to our members. Tailored for all levels, this self-paced course covers the foundational principles of manifestation, providing a step-by-step guide for beginners or those seeking to refine their skills. As a bonus, delve into an additional 5 specialized courses; Manifestation Meets Business, IKONIC, Love Money Success, Attract, and Manifest- Manifestation Masterclass. Your journey to manifestation mastery awaits!


Monthly Challenges based around HOM Pillars:

We believe in the power of consistent practice. Each month, we offer unique manifestation challenges designed to help you sharpen your manifesting skills and apply them to real-life situations. These challenges keep you engaged and motivated on your journey. 

Daily Actions:

Manifestation is all about consistency and mindset. Our daily actions are bite-sized tasks and exercises you can incorporate into your daily routine. These small actions help you stay focused and aligned with your goals, ensuring steady progress

Access to a Manifestation Mentor:

Membership grants you access to our team of experienced Manifestation Mentors. These mentors can provide guidance, answer your questions, and offer personalized support tailored to your unique journey.



Connect with like-minded individuals who share your passion for manifestation. Our members-only networking opportunities allow you to exchange ideas, experiences, and insights. Building connections with others on a similar path can be incredibly motivating and inspiring.



We understand that staying accountable is crucial to manifesting your desires. Our membership includes tools and resources to help you set goals and track progress. Plus, you’ll benefit from the support of your fellow members and mentors to keep you on track. 


A few of our esteemed Guest Influencers, including Kathleen Cameron, Eric Bigger, and Ceilidh Costello, enrich our CommUNITY with unique perspectives.

Kathleen Cameron

The Visionary Founder


A Wellness Beacon

Ceilidh Costello

Beauty & Transformation Mentor



Kathleen Cameron, the visionary founder of House of Manifestation, is a beacon of inspiration in the realm of manifestation and self-discovery. With a passion for guiding individuals toward their highest potential, Kathleen brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the community. As a transformational leader, she curates a space where members embark on a journey of self-realization, tapping into the power of the mind to manifest the lives they’ve always envisioned. 



Eric Bigger, a wellness beacon, guides you in infusing vitality into your manifesting journey, blending physical well-being with manifestation. His presence reflects the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit, empowering you to create a life of balance and holistic abundance.



Enter the beauty world with Ceilidh Costello, a luminary who adds style to manifestation. Beyond aesthetics, she highlights the transformative power of self-expression, proving that manifesting dreams is about embodying the essence of your aspirations. 

MEET Some more Of OUR Expert Influencers

We have new Guest Influencers routinely to enrich our CommUNITY with unique perspectives.


Expert Influencer


Expert Influencer


Expert Influencer

Maraya Brown

Expert Influencer


Expert Influencer

Meet The Team

Step into the radiant circle of Manifestation Mentors at House of Manifestation – a cadre of guiding lights committed to propelling you towards the life of your dreams. Within the folds of our Membership, discover an environment that nurtures your aspirations and ignites the flame of personal growth and transformation.

Our Manifestation Mentors are more than mentors; they are architects of dreams, each possessing unique skills and an unwavering dedication to your journey. Whether you’re taking your first steps on the path of manifestation or a seasoned traveler seeking to amplify your talents, our mentors are here to illuminate your way.


CommUNITY Manager

Shannon Beardsmore

HOM Facilitator & Manifestation Mentor  


Meet Jen Perman

Meet Jen Perman, the unsung hero and nurturing force working tirelessly behind the scenes as the CommUNITY Manager in House of Manifestation. As the behind-the-scenes manifestor, Jen is the heartbeat of HOM support – your go-to person for everything that makes House of Manifestation thrive.



Meet Shannon Beardsmore

Meet Shannon Beardsmore, the radiant bubbly soul and every smiling force in House of Manifestation. As the heart of our commUNITY, Shannon brings a dynamic blend of passion, wisdom, boundless laughter, and light to guide you on your personal growth and transformation journey.

In House of Manifestation, Shannon is a leader and the catalyst for dreams taking flight. As the architect of Book Club, Matcha Chats, and HOM Tours, she curates spaces where inspiration thrives and members find guidance and connection essential for their manifesting endeavors.


Darcy Gervais

Manifestation Mentor


Manifestation Mentor


Manifestation Mentor

Jenn Underwood

Manifestation Mentor


Manifestation Mentor

Jessi Coletti

Manifestation Mentor


Manifestation Mentor

Jessica Whitney

Manifestation Mentor

Katie Yezek

Manifestation Mentor

Rosie Marocha

Manifestation Mentor



House of Manifestation is more than a virtual community. It’s a lifestyle, a mindset, and a commitment to manifesting your dreams. Don’t let your desires remain dreams; make them your reality.

Are you ready to unlock your dreams and manifest the life you’ve always envisioned? Join House of Manifestation and embark on a transformation, empowerment, and abundance journey. Sign up today and enter a world where your manifestations become your reality!



Unlocking Your Potential

Welcome to the house of manifestation community

Embrace transformation and empower your personal journey with House of Manifestation CommUNITY. We’re a unique collaboration between House of Manifestation Inc. and Diamond Academy Coaching Inc., where personal development isn’t just a path; it’s a vibrant online ecosystem tailored to your growth.

Holistic Growth, Amplified:

Step into a synergy of expertise. Our membership transcends traditional programs, blending House of Manifestation’s guidance with Diamond Academy’s coaching prowess. This fusion ignites growth across every facet of your life, fueling your personal and professional aspirations.

Investing in You, Smartly:

Personal development shouldn’t come at a cost. That’s why our membership boasts a groundbreaking benefit: 50% of your House of Manifestation fees can be applied directly to Diamond Academy’s offerings, up to $1,000! Maximize your potential without straining your budget, and watch your personal evolution flourish!

Investing in Yourself, Truly:

Remember, this benefit is your key to unlocking a treasure trove of Diamond Academy’s diverse courses and lessons. It’s not a cash handout but a priceless opportunity to invest in yourself and unlock your true potential.

A Commitment to Evolution:

As we refine our offerings to empower you further, please note that the terms of this benefit are subject to change. We’re transparent and dedicated to your success, and any adjustments will always prioritize your best interests.



House of Manifestation is more than a virtual community. It’s a lifestyle, a mindset, and a commitment to manifesting your dreams. Don’t let your desires remain dreams; make them your reality.

Are you ready to unlock your dreams and manifest the life you’ve always envisioned? Join House of Manifestation and embark on a transformation, empowerment, and abundance journey. Sign up today and enter a world where your manifestations become your reality!


House of Manifestation is a supportive and empowering space where like-minded individuals come together to learn, practice, and master the art of manifestation. Our community is designed to help you create a life filled with abundance and purpose.

  • Guided manifestation exercises and techniques
  • Exclusive content on manifestation and personal growth
  • Live webinars and workshops led by experts
  • A private online community for networking and support
  • Access to manifestation mentors and personalized coaching
  • Monthly challenges to keep you motivated
  • Resources like affirmations, meditations, and more
  • Special offers and discounts on related products and services

We provide resources and guidance to help you transform your mindset. You’ll learn to identify and change limiting beliefs, cultivate a positive outlook, and align your thoughts with your goals.

We offer proven manifestation techniques and strategies to help you manifest your desires effectively. Whether you seek financial abundance, fulfilling relationships, better health, or overall happiness, our community provides the necessary tools and support.

Absolutely! Our private online community is a place to connect with members who share similar goals and aspirations. Share your experiences, offer support, and celebrate your successes together.

We offer a variety of programs outside of House of Manifestation. These programs are tailored to your manifestation journey, unique circumstances, and goals.

Our monthly challenges are designed to keep you engaged and motivated. These challenges are based on House of Manifestation pillars and provide specific tasks and activities to help you grow and progress.